Prediction for this year

This year presents itself in duality. It is crucial to approach it with calmness and prudence.

What appears to be under control could prove untamed, and what is rebellious, submissive.

Constant surprises arise; enjoy the fascinating spectacle that life offers you.

In the workplace, you will face moments of tension, especially regarding promotions and salary matters. Negotiate your interests firmly.

Friends will require your presence and present attractive plans, even though their realization is uncertain. Choose wisely.

Finances will experience ups and downs, so the suggestion is to save whenever possible.

The family expects your usual response, but inexplicably, you will change your approach, which could trigger some conflicts.

These fluctuations are destined for your evolution. Do not repeat mistakes; adopt new attitudes.

On a personal level, learn to evade guilt, as it neither benefits nor helps. Forget it.

As advice, nourish your body properly and strive to keep it in shape. «A healthy mind in a healthy body.» You need to be at 100%.


For your overall Attitude this year, maintain that stubbornness that has characterized you since birth. Therefore, it’s understandable that you rebel against abuses of power. You do not tolerate it. As for your perspective, you’ve been demanding a lot from yourself for a long time, but it’s not necessary to be perfect; you can simply be good. A piece of advice for your balance, you can speak, but you can’t assert anything; always seek, doubt often, and even distrust yourself. That’s the premise.


This year, in terms of Goals overall, consider that senseless arguments drain your energy and affect your well-being and project. Push aside the clouds, and you’ll see how the sun shines again. Regarding your well-being, keep in mind that the mind has a significant influence on the body, and many illnesses originate there. A piece of advice for your Goals, there are so many important things to worry about that you should let go of the concern about how others perceive you.

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Month-by-month advice

JANUARY: Take advantage of that extra dose of energy upon waking; it will be the key to starting your mornings with vitality.

FEBRUARY: The fruits of your efforts will begin to materialize if you immerse yourself more in your tasks with focus and determination.

MARCH: Set aside criticisms and unproductive disputes; make room for inner peace and harmony.

APRIL: Treat yourself to a getaway with someone special; your soul craves it, and you deserve that moment of connection and happiness.

MAY: Relationships do not follow pre-established patterns; be creative in how you cultivate your personal connections.

JUNE: Before taking significant steps, pause, reflect, and seek wise advice to guide you on your path.

JULY: Now is the time to act, whether to start something new or free yourself from what no longer serves you. Action will lead you toward your destiny.

AUGUST: Rest is necessary, but don’t let passivity trap you. Keep your mind alert and ready for new opportunities.

SEPTEMBER: Recharge your energy to learn what you have postponed for so long; wisdom awaits you.

OCTOBER: Accept that not every moment will be productive; allow the pause to be part of your creative and developmental process.

NOVEMBER: Dedicate time to your loved ones; you may have neglected them. Nurture your relationships and strengthen family ties.

DECEMBER: Take a compassionate inventory and don’t be too hard on yourself for what was not achieved. Every ending is a new beginning; start with renewed hope and determination.

Keep looking at your sign predictions for this year

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